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We take every opportunity to help promote our clients’ businesses and help increase their customer base. We can run your advertisements on our special marketing kiosks, which allow us to promote your business both inside and outside our facilities. It is a very cost effective way to reach the people you really want to reach.

There are three different channels, or shows, running at the same time on our monitors. Your ad will come up at least once every five minutes per channel. The screen is on for 8-10 seconds each time. Our PTUs (Personal Teller Units) at the drive through windows may also display your advertisement when the teller isn’t communicating with the customer.

Video Marketing fees are as follows:

Established Customers:

Initial setup $25.00
Monthly subscription $50.00   (Ask how you can get 3 months free)
Creation of generic slide $75.00
Creation of custom slide quote required

Non-Bank Customers:

Initial setup $50.00
Monthly subscription $100.00
Creation of generic slide $150.00
Creation of custom slide quote required

Customers may provide their own slides according to our specifications, or choose generic slides, which are basic slides with standard backgrounds. Custom slides may include logos, images and special backgrounds. Minimum subscription is 6 months. Ask your New Frontier Bank Financial Service Specialist for more information.

 Zumbhel Branch lobby.“Being a community bank in St. Charles County, we understand the needs of our local businesses and residents. We model our customer service to those needs, such as having our phone calls answered by a person, not a machine. We also provide our customers with an extended business day cutoff of 5:00 p.m. We pride ourselves in offering the excellent service that our customers expect and deserve.”