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Being a community bank gives you the opportunity to give back in numerous ways by reinvesting local dollars back into the community through our banking services and our community service. We believe that we have a responsibility to serve our community.  Supporting our community has been shown in several valuable ways since our inception in 1999. New Frontier Bank’s local reinvestment helps small businesses grow and create jobs, helps families finance large major purchases, and build financial security.

Shower of Love Donations at Zumbehl


Reinvestment and supporting our community also is displayed by our dedication to our local nonprofit organizations. New Frontier Bank is proud to support several nonprofit organizations and look forward to spotlighting them in this section regularly. We support and encourage our staff to get involved through volunteerism and donations. Each employee is allotted $150 annually to support charitable causes in St. Charles County of their choice and allot 4 hours of paid time in each quarter for volunteerism. New Frontier Bank is also proud to have several staff serve on the Board of Directors of nonprofits in our community including The St. Charles County Library Foundation, The Child Center, and The Optimist Club.

Employee's Service Spotlight
New Frontier Bank employees are involved in and support many organizations and groups which include, but are not limited to, the following:

St. Charles Rotary

St. Charles Optimist Club

St. Charles City-County Library Foundation

St. Charles County Symphony Society/Morning Etude and a National Federation of Music Club

The Community and Children's Resource Board of St. Charles County for the Shower of Love, CCRB

Bank Policies
New Frontier Bank believes in the importance of giving back to the community in both financial giving and sponsorships, but also in volunteer and service time.  We believe that it is important that all of our that all of our employees feel invested in our community so much that we provide each employee unique benefits.  New Frontier Bank allots every employee up to $150 annually to support charitable causes of their choice.  Many times volunteer services are of much greater value to our local organizations which is why New Frontier Bank will pay our employees up to 4 hours each quarter to volunteer. 

To find out more information about our community giving or about any of the nonprofits spotlighted you can continue to visit our website and look for exciting updates or contact us at 636-940-8740.